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Weather our costumers depart or arrive from the New York cruise Terminal, Brooklyn cruise terminal or New Jersey cruise terminal. Jet black offers a variety of vehicles, being able to accommodate individuals or families or large groups.

We know how important is this day for you, that’s why at Jet Black Limousine we do our best to make it more special by offering different packages for your transportation. Including regular sedans, SUV’s and stretch Limousines.

Whether you need transportation from Point A to Point B, or need a ride to the airport or meeting. Jet Black Limousine welcomes corporate accounts offering prompt and reliable services at the best rates.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure in jet black limousine we understand the importance of being on time to your flight. Whether you need an early morning pick up or late night pick up Jet black Limousine is available 24 / 7 365 days.